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Incredible God

God’s limitless love reaches out to all, no matter what state we are in! A young lady found out in a very real way. she had been drinking and driving when she found herself stranded in the middle of the woods. She found her phone and learned she had been reported missing. She was terrified not knowing her location and it was dark. The next morning while walking, trying to find her way home she realized she was a few miles away. A kind lady came along and offered a ride. There were several police cars and an ambulance in the front yard when she arrived. A breathalyzer test was performed, which was over the legal limits. God’s limitless love was protection that horrible night and since then this young lady is now a follower of Christ!


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Look @ God

  GOD CAN!!!!!!!

Trust God!!


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The mind

The mind has traveled so many places whether near or far, it’s constantly on the go! It may be a challenge to keep up at times do to all its imagination, intelligence and cunningness.

The mind is very cleaver, able to guide us through our everyday lives. With that said, we need to guard the mind with the help of the Lord, that we are not led down the wrong path! And remember, our creative mind may want to take us there!

We must put on the mind of Christ! Ask yourself “What would Jesus do”? In all  its capabilities the mind will in no wise think beyond the all knowing God. For He is the Alpha and Omega, the one who formed us in our mother’s womb and spoke the world into existence!! We can look to the left and we can look to the right and we won’t find no person to compare to the almighty God!

Who wouldn’t serve a God like this?!

Jerrie Dean😊

God At Work


Ears Haven’t Heard

Unrecognizable woman holds her hand near ear and listens, close-up

The ear drum is a powerful and sensitive instrument that plays an important role, welcoming  sounds from all directions!  The sounds may come as loud, soft, crackling, joyful, irritating and  many others too numerous to mention. Thank God for hearing aids, I can’t imagine not being able to hear my surroundings!

There is also that spiritual ear, the Lord admonishes us to have an ear to hear.  But even in that,  the spiritual ear does not have the capability or permission  to detect Gods total plan for our lives. Believe it or not, hearing  Gods every move for our lives may not be as beneficial as we might image. We may become boastful and proud which only comes before a fall. When God begins to pour out His blessing upon us, it’s in our best interest to remain humble!

God is up to something,

jerrie Dean😍

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